Water Filtration

Filtered WaterOne thing we often think about but rarely examine the process of is the cleaning of our water. Over the last two decades, we’ve seen a fundamental shift in the way in which water is consumed. It is few and far between who consume water from the tap these days, instead it is much more common to find people stocking up on clean drinking water in the form of bottles of water. We have conformed ourselves to drinking commercial bottled water and we’ve forgotten that both forms of water must go through a filtration process that is similar in standard and quality before reaching our faucets or our grocery store shelves.

Last year at a summer camp we spent time drinking straight from the faucet as we played and spent time in sweaty activities on the beach and in the sea. We found that while the taste was not always the most pleasant the effect on our health was nil with regards to illness. Activated Carbon Filters can be used to ensure that your water is clean. If you’re concerned about your families health you probably are already using some form or another of ACF and we hope you will continue to use these filters for the purpose of healthy drinking.

May all your potables be free of potential harm.